To Contact by Email:


For all questions and general communications please contact me via email at;


I prefer to handle as much communication as possible via email and can promise you a response.  In most cases I can respond back the same day or within 24 hours, however please realize that in the evenings and on weekends I try to enjoy personal and family time like everyone else, and may not respond until the next business day. 



To Contact by Phone:


I am also available to talk by phone during the weekdays and normal business hours (Monday through Friday 10am – 6pm ET), so please request my number (or include your phone number in your email) if you’d like to discuss things personally.





If you do not receive a reply back to your email, my reply is most likely being intercepted by your spam filter. 


Please check your spam folder if you are expecting a response and do not get one!


  I answer all email, so if you do not get a response, it is being filtered and identified as spam by your email provider.  HOTMAIL and YAHOO in particular may interpret my replies as spam.