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-Death Notices-


I have multiple copies of some of these and the conditions vary.  I will sell those in best condition first.

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Georg Auer

SS Gebirgsjaeger Georg Auer  shown in civilian clothes.    Died in Finland.  Possibly 6th SS Gebirgs Division "Nord" which was in Finland at that time. 




Brothers Sponraft

Brothers Anton and Simon Spornraft.  Anton was in a training replacement battalion of an SS Panzer Grenadier Rgt.   Simon was a Gefreiter in a mountain artillery regiment.   Anton is shown in an Army uniform and has had SS style collar patches artisticly added to the photo. It is possible

that it is a civilian photo which has had the entire uniform artisticly added and the artist didn't realize the SS didn't have breast eagles.   Simon is shown in his parade tunic with visor

hat sporting the edelweiss of a mounain division between the wreath and eagle.



Josef Wimmeder

Panzer Obergefreiter Josef Wimmeder who was killed in action on the Normandy Front 3 weeks after the D-Day landings.   He's shown in a piped black panzer wrap tunic with typical skull

collar tabs and piped overseas hat.   Historic battle casualty.



Brothers Wittmann

Brothers  Johann & Josef Wittmann.   Johann was a rifleman in a Grenadier Regiment and Josef was an SS Rottenfuehrer in the 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf (skull just visible on his collar patch).  Josef is listed as having won various awards an is shown in an open collar SS

uniform with unpiped overseas hat.   Excellent photo of Josef.



Heinrich Windmeisser

Afrika Korps Gefreiter Heinrich Windmeisser.   He is shown in an incredible large format photo in tropical uniform with bright yellow piped (he's nachrichten) M43 tropical hat.  Killed in action July 1942 and buried at the German cemetary at El Alamein (per the German graves registration website).



Brothers Roos

TWIN Brothers Karl & Wolfgang Roos.   This is highly unusual and the only time I can recall seeing a death notice for twins who were both pilots.   Karl was an Unteroffizier and pilot in a fighter squadron who was shot down over the coast of England.   His brother Wolfgang was a Feldwebel and died in an aircraft accident 12 days after his wedding.   He had earned the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd classes, the golden flying clasp, wound badge and others.   The notice reads "for

conspicuous bravery he was listed in the Luftwaffe Honor List and awarded the Luftwaffe Honor

Goblet."   This is also the only death notice I've seen of an Honor Goblet recipient!





Freundorfter Brothers

Death notice grouping of three brothers.   Georg, Friedrich & Josef Freundorfer all from Rindberg were all Army soldiers.   Georg was a Gefreiter in a mounted (cavalry) unit and is listed as having won various awards.  He's shown in M36 tunic and visor hat.   His brother Friedrich was a Gebirgsjaeger who died during the height of the battle for Stalingrad in November 1942.  He is shown in his M40 tunic and bergmutze.   Josef was a Gefreiter in an Infantry Regiment killed in action at the battle of Saprudnoje, Russia.   He's wearing an M36 tunic.   Nice that all three

brothers death notices have managed to stay together all these years.




Helmut Berberich




Josef Kufterle



Erich Hauser



Richard Lingenfeller



Josef Eder



Georg Haberger



Eduard Polomis



Johann Schmid



Leopold Gimbod



Josef Burghuber



Johann Ekinger



Karl Schacherl



Baptist Brutsch Schiggendorf



Josef Konig



Josef Daringer

Private First Class (Oberschuetze) in an Anti-tank unit.  He was wounded on 9 January (probably 1944) near Witebsk, Russia and died two days later in a field hospital from his severe wounds.   It says he died a heroic death in the
battle for the freedom of his people.  He is shown in his M43 tunic and M44 hat.  Its interesting that this notice doesn't mention the year that Josef was killed but at
the fighting around Witebsk was the early part of 1944.




Robert Seiler



Franz Allinger

Professional NCO in a Grenadier Regiment and winner of the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd classes, the Infantry Assault Badge (silver), the wound badge and the Russian Front medal.   He was killed in action at the head of his platoon on 10 October 1943 on the Eastern Front at age 24.   He is shown in his M43 EM tunic in a very nice large photograph clearly showing his Infantry and wound badges and his EK2 ribbon in the 2nd



Johann Brunner



Joh. Penskofer Allersdorf



Johann Flingelli



Josef Raufcheder

Sargeant first class (feldwebel) in a communications staff and
holder of the Iron Cross 2nd class, Russian Front Medal and the Infantry Assault Badge. He took part in the battles for France, Holland and Russia and on 22 August 1943 was
shot in the head and killed north of Charkov at age 31.   He is shown in his M36 tunic as an unteroffizier with his Infantry Badge, EK2 ribbon and radioman's "blitz" on his sleeve. 



Josef Haberger



Josef Plininger

Soldier in a Grenadier Regiment and holder of the Wound Badge and Infantry Assault Badge.  He died a hero at age 21 in the hard battles near Tscherkassy in Russia.   Josef is shown in his parade uniform with visor cap. 



Ludwig Kommeter

Gunner in a Mountain Artillery Regiment who was born in Diepolz in 1924 and was killed while in transit from Kraljevo, Greece to Raska on 4 Dec. 1943. 
Ludwig is shown in his M43 tunic an M44 cap.



Albert Steinkirchnerr

Corporal (Obergefreiter) in a Mountain Regiment and holder of the Infantry Assault Badge and Wound Badge.  He was killed in action 15 June 1943 in Neberdschaejewsnaja near Noworossiysk in Russia.  He is shown in his parade dress
uniform which appears to be Infantry piped. 




Johann Brandl

Gefreiter in an artillery regiment who won the Russian Front medal and the Rumanian Gallantry medal.  He met a heroic death at age 36 in Lettland  on 23 Nov.1944 during the chaos of the collapsing Eastern front.  Johann is shown in his M43 tunic and overseas hat. 



Alfons Ochsle