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Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine & Political/Diplomatic/Civil

General Officer Uniforms



The Luftwaffe



Luftwaffe Generaloberst Rudel uniform

This tunic belonged to Flak Generaloberst Rudel, who as head of Flak was afforded the honor of wearing red “Flak” branch color backing as an underlay on his General officer shoulderboards and collar patches. (private collection)









Luftwaffe Generalmajor uniform

This tunic is believed to have belonged to Hermann Plocher. (private collection)




Luftwaffe Generalleutnant uniform (un-named)

(private collection)




Luftwaffe Generalmajor tunic (un-named)

(private collection)




Luftwaffe General der Flieger tunic and White topped visor

(Ron Richter collection)






The Kriegsmarine



Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral Rolf Johannesson’s Blue uniform

Johannesson was veteran destroyer commandant, eventually becoming Chief of the 4th Destroyer Flotilla and Acting Commander of Battle Groups Norway in ’43 – ’44.  Post-war Johannesson went on to become Commander of The Fleet (Grand Admiral equivalent) in 1958 and served in this position until his retirement in 1961.

(private collection)



Kriegsmarine Vizeadmiral von Trotha’s Blue uniform

(private collection)



Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral’s Field Gray Tunic

The very rare field gray Admiral’s tunic with its stunning blue backed Admiral rank insignia (private collection)





Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral’s Field Gray Tunic

The field gray Admiral’s tunic with celleon Admiral rank insignia (private collection)


A military uniform on display

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Kriegsmarine Vizeadmiral Klikamp’s Greatcoat

Klikamp was the commader of the Schlesswig Holstein when it fired the opening salvos at Danzig to start World War Two.

(private collection)





Political, Diplomatic and Civil


Generalrichter tunic

(private collection)


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Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick tunic

(private collection)




Generalarbeitsfuhrer tunic

(private collection)




SA Gruppenfuhrer, 1940 Rank Insignia Tunic

(private collection)




SA Gruppenfuhrer, 1944 Rank Insignia Tunic

(private collection)



Much, much more to come soon.  So many General’s, so little time……