Political High Ranking Personalities


The main focus of this website is to explore the military regalia of high ranking individuals.  However, the Germans during WWII made an art out of bestowing rank and issuing uniforms for almost every pursuit in the country, including both the political and civil professions.


Since some of these ranks had a military crossover, and sometimes even shared similar rank structure, they will be explored briefly in this section for those who have interest.  If the political arena is something you would like to explore further, there exist other websites that are more focused on this niche, some of which may be found on the links page.


That said, there are some very unique and high profile ranks, some of which also had very unique uniforms and insignia, and they are certainly worth examining.  The rarity of these items is much more exceptional than the military ranks as often there were only one or two men who held the position.








Reichsleiter Martin Bormann’s White Tunic

This White Summer Tunic Of Martin Bormann's Was Retrieved From The Basement Of The Berghof By Warrant Officer Robert G. Eiland, 3rd Infantry Division, U. S. Army.

(private collection)




Reichsleiter of the NSDAP

This was the highest Nazi party rank (below Hitler, who was Fuhrer) and was held by several different men.  For a study of this interesting rank and the individuals who held it, see the Reichsleiter Overview.

(private collection)





Reichsleiter Walter Buch’s collar tabs

These tabs belonged to NSDAP Reichsleiter and SS Obergruppenfuhrer Walter Buch and were veteran acquired.


This rare grouping was acquired by Joe Stepnick (pictured above) when he removed them from Walter Buch’s cabin on Lake Amersee while with the Third Army in the Spring of 1945.  Stepnick picked up this insignia, a photo album and Buch’s SS insignia as well (which can be viewed in detail in the SS Personality insignia page).








Reichsjugendfuhrer Artur Axmann

A pair of matching collar tabs for the rank of Reichsjugendfuhrer, a position held by Artur Axmann.  The collector who owns these tabs has two letters from Axmann stating that these were the very tabs that he wore while in the position of Reichsjugendfuhrer.  These are the only known surviving set of collar insignia for this position.

(private collection)



A period photograph of Artur Axmann wearing the above insignia.

(private collection)





SA-Stabschef Viktor Lutze

A single collar tab for the rank of SA-Stabschef, a position held by Viktor Lutze, who held this position from 1934 until his death in 1943.   Stabschef was basically the leader of the SA and the highest rank within that organization.

(private collection)



A period photograph of Viktor Lutze along with his personal awards and insignia.

(private collection)




Reichsleiter of the Party Courts



Der Oberste Richter Der Partei Reichsleiter

A single collar tab for the rank of leader (Reichsleiter) of the party courts (Parteigericht), a rare political rank within the NSDAP held by three individuals.

(private collection)


The above insignia in wear by Walter Buch.







NSDAP Gauleiter Collar Tabs, 1938 – 1945 Pattern

(private collection)