Konteradmiral Karl-Jesko von Puttkamer



Konteradmiral Jesko von Puttkamer

As Hitler’s naval adjutant representing the Kreigsmarine, Jesko von Puttkamer was at the Fuhrer’s side throughout the war.  Most famously, he was injured in the July 20 plot to kill Hitler and was presented with the July 20 Wound Badge, given only to those injured or killed in the assassination attempt.


As naval adjutant, Puttkamer was part of Hitler’s inner circle and present for most high level military meetings as well as many of the social obligations. He served Hitler right up until the end of the war, being given the order to go to the Berghof and destroy all of Hitler’s personal papers.


While Puttkamer did achieve rank of Admiral and had an important position as adjutant to Hitler, he had a rather modest naval career.  He served on a heavy cruiser during WWI, spent time on torpedo boats during the 1920’s and was a frigate captain prior to WWII.  His true talents were evidently in staff work as from 1933 until the end of the war he served as a liaison to the Reich Chancellor.


The grouping shown below all came directly from Admiral Puttkamer himself.  The late collector Bill McClure purchased this entire group from Puttkamer in the early 1970’s and until 2015 these items had only resided in one other collection.  It is fully documented with all paperwork and customs papers from Puttkamer as well as letters from McClure and the previous owner.  It is probably one of the most well-documented militaria groupings of the Third Reich.






Puttkamer’s Uniforms

(Private Collection)



Puttkamer’s white summer tunic, with removable insignia.

Puttkamer wearing the white tunic.

The removable hand embroidered breast eagle.

The shoulderboards from the white tunic…..the gold bullion is still nearly as brite as the day it was issued, thanks to careful preservation.




Leather Coat


Puttkamer’s favored leather overcoat which he wore all the way through the war and into captivity.  It was a Heer issue coat, not available to the Kriegsmarine at the time Puttkamer acquired it, so he replaced the Heer buttons and added Naval buttons to it, all of which he documented in a letter to McClure.


A period photo of Puttkamer (left, with goggles) accompanying Hitler, wearing the same leather coat.




The Frockcoat


Puttkamer’s frockcoat and dress brocade belt.






The Blue Reefer Jacket


Puttkamer’s blue reefer jacket for daily wear. The ribbons and badges are modern copies for display purposes only.


Note the blue colored feet on the hand embroidered breast eagle (which was resewn, as Puttkamer had de-nazified his uniforms and put the eagles in the pockets).




Puttkamer’s original ribbon bar.




Puttkamer seen outside the Wolfsschanze with von Stauffenberg and Hitler, just prior to the July 20 assassination attempt on Hitler by Stauffenberg.  Puttkamer is facing the camera, to the right of Stauffenberg.



Puttkamer being visited in the hospital by Hitler, after being wounded in the July 20 assassination attempt on Hitler.




Puttkamer as naval adjutant, was present for all personally presented awards to Kreigsmarine personnel by Hitler.



As a daily part of Hitler’s inner circle, Puttkamer (top row, center) was deeply immersed in the personal world of Adolf Hitler.