General Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke



General der Fallschirmtruppe Ramcke

General Ramcke was one of the more resourceful and successful Generals in the Germany armed forces, and also one of only 27 men to receive the oakleaves with diamonds, to the Knights Cross.


Completing parachute qualification at the age of 51, he then promptly led his first paratroop regiment in the battle of Crete in 1941.  His successful efforts there eventually led to the 1942 command of his own brigade, Fallschirmjaeger Brigade Ramcke, which was assimilated into the Afrika Korps.


Surrounded at the second battle of El Alamein, Ramcke led his troops out of British encirclement and in the process captured a British supply column, earning him a trip to Berlin to receive the oakleaves to his Knights Cross.  Ramcke was also heavily involved in the Italian and Normandy campaigns, where he was captured by the Allies on the same day he was awarded the diamonds.




General der Fallschirmtruppe Ramcke’s Tropical Uniform

(private collection)



Ramcke’s four pocket, open collar General der Fallschirmtruppe tropical tunic, pants and field cap. 




Field Cap


A high quality, Erel manufactured Generals field cap in the very rare tropical Khaki.  Cap insignia and piping are all executed in gold bullion.



A close-up of the tropical backed cap eagle and cockade with gold bullion surround piping.




Tropical Tunic


Note the gold bullion piping around the collar.  By regulation, collar patches were not worn with the tropical tunic, though they are often seen in period photos.






Left side shoulderboard for a Generalleutnant, with a single, large General officer size silver pip.  Boards are constructed of gold bullion cords surrounding an inner silver aluminum cord.






Breast Eagle


Ramcke’s tropical tunic has a gold bullion and wire embroidered breast eagle with the exceptionally rare tropical backing.





Ramcke’s name tag in the long pants.