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I decided to offer replicas after numerous emails from collectors asking if I knew where they could get high quality reproductions to fill holes in their collection of very expensive and rare items that they knew they would never be able to afford or find.  Many are young or newer collectors who wanted something that would look convincing and the market was not offering very many choices.

As a result, I am offering higher quality replica items for both those who want fillers for their collection or are unable to find or afford some of these pieces as originals, and the reenactors who like to portray high ranking officers.  The focus of the replicas is representative of the website itself in that the pieces I offer all have a “high ranks” nature and center around all the General officer and higher ranks.  The bulk of the re-enactor suppliers focus on enlisted and combat oriented items with few choices for the high ranks, so I think this section will offer a ‘go to’ spot for those who are looking for a higher rank. I’ll be offering the highest quality replicas that I can find and will be presenting some pieces that have not been offered anywhere else. 


Note: While some might think it is controversial to offer reproduction insignia on the same website as original militaria, I think it offers an excellent educational perspective for newer collectors and those not familiar with General Officer insignia.  It allows one to compare photographs of original pieces to reproduction pieces, all on the same website.  Replicas also offer young and newer collectors an opportunity to get into the hobby and retain interest, as without affordable replica pieces, many would simply give up on the hobby.  Young and newer collectors are future buyers of original militaria.  Without future buyers, the value of many of our items will not be retained.




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