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Marshal of the Soviet Union Boris Shaposhnikov Uniform

Gray parade dress uniform tunic, visor cap and greatcoat of Marshal of the Soviet Union Boris Shaposhnikov who was Chief of Staff of the Soviet Army during WWII.  All three items are tailored from the finest quality wool.  The tunic and greatcoat feature 1940 pattern collar and sleeve rank insignia all hand-embroidered in fine gold wire.  The tunic has a gold cord piping around the middle of the collar, which denotes parade dress. This uniform was regularly worn as it was worn for formal occasions in addition to parades. The awards attached to the tunic are not Shaposhnikov’s, but they are original and what he would have worn (the government always confiscated awards upon the death of an officer).  The tunic belt is the version used specifically for General officers.  This grouping has documentation pertaining to the provenance and acquisition available to the buyer.  Greatcoat and awards are available for separate purchase.

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Marshal of the Soviet Union Raincoat

Gray raincoat badged for a Marshal of the Soviet Union, with a pair of 1943 pattern large shoulderboards displaying the highest General officer rank in the Soviet Union during WWII.  The boards are the standard gold brocade backing with a large, silver embroidered star centered at the base below a large wreath surrounding a globe surmounted by the hammer and sicle.  The correct 11 bars representing the different republics are embroidered in red.  There are two bright red Generals collar patches, piped in gold and secured with gold buttons.  The coat has all buttons attached and shows some wear but no damage. Buttons are all post-war, so coat has been rebadged with a mixture of non-matching buttons of different eras.   There is some stiffness in various areas due to aging of the brittle interior waterproofing material.  This gray coat was worn with the Victory Parade uniform.




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Soviet Major General of Rifles

M40 style tunic for a Major Generals of Rifles (Infantry).  The tunic is a very high quality medium-weight olive brown tricot fabric with two breast pockets with scalloped flaps and a five button front.  Collar and cuff insignia is the early style 1940 pattern.  The collar is edge piped in bright red and has two bright red collar patches, trimmed in gold piping with two gold stars on each one.  Sleeve insignia consists of large gold brocade chevrons with single gold embroidered stars centered above each.  Cuffs are also piped in red (for Rifles).  There are embroidered holes on the left upper chest for the attachment of three awards.  Buttons all have the correct 11 Republics.  The interior and sleeves are lined in a copper brown artificial silk material which has faded into a mixture of cream color.  This tunic is a very large size and is in pristine condition.  A very rare, early Generals tunic!




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Soviet Generals Victory Parade Tunic and Visor Cap

Model 1945 Tsarist green victory parade uniform for an armoured and artillery Major General.  The double breasted tunic is tailored from a very fine, soft wool (similar to the doeskin the Germans used) and piped down the front, collar and cuffs in a bright red.  The collar and cuffs both feature a very ornate gold wire embroidered leaf pattern which surrounds both the cuffs and the collar. The 1943 parade belt is made from a brocade fabric.  This belt was worn for the Victory Parade over the Germans (a later pattern was used for the Victory over Japan parade).  The Generals visor cap is also made from a high quality soft wool and features gold wire embroidery around the cap band and a high quality enamel national emblem.  All badges and medals are original and included as part of the grouping.  Excellent condition.




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Soviet Lieutenant General of the Air Force

Model 1943 uniform for a Lieutenant General of the Soviet Air Force.  Grouping consists of an open collar tunic, field cap and greatcoat.  The uniform is all matching dark blue wool piped in the light blue indicative of the service branch of the Air Forces.  The collar insignia on both the overcoat and the tunic consists of three red enameled diamonds with a propeller with wings with a gold piping surround. Sleeve rank chevrons adorn both the coat and tunic as well as a beautifully hand-embroidered bullion thread Pilots sleeve badge.  The ensemble is completed with a matching blue wool sidecap piped in blue with a red enameled star attached to a blue wool star backing. All pieces of the grouping are in excellent condition with no damage or issues.




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Soviet Naval Lieutenant General (Admiral) of the Air Force

Dark blue double breasted uniform tunic for a land-based non-sea going Admiral of the Soviet Navy.  As such, they were referred to as Generals.  The stand up collar is edge trimmed in hand-embroidered gold bullion, with a single large gold star and a fouled anchor, also hand-embroidered decorating each side of the collar.  The sleeve ranks consists of one large gold brocade stripe and two smaller gold brocade stripes separated by two light blue stripes indicating land-based aviation service. Above that on each sleeve is a gold embroidered stare enclosing a hammer and sicle.  There are three embroidered holes in the left breast for attachment of awards (20 year, Red Star and Banner).  Accompanying this tunic is a gold brocade dress belt, dagger and hanger.  The dagger has the correct 11 Republics and is properly serial numbered. Excellent condition and a beautiful display piece with the dagger.




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Soviet Naval Fleet Admiral Visor Cap

Dark blue wool visor cap with insignia for a sea-going Fleet Admiral.  Cap body is the early style and constructed of a high quality wool, piped in the standard white around the crown and base and in pristine condition.  Cap band is a lighter color of a ribbed rayon material.  The black lacquered visor is adorned with gold bullion embroidered oakleaves and a gold ribbed edge.  The cap wreath has two red vertical bars indicating a sea-going Admiral.  Underside of visor is cloth covered, interior of cap is a dark ribbed rayon with a  leather sweatshield and sweatband.  Cap spring is intact.  Excellent condtion!




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Soviet Naval Belt & Holster for Nagant

Black leather belt and holster for use exclusively by Naval forces.  Holster is for a Nagant pistol and contains secured at the side by a leather strap/holster configuration.  Buckled to the holster is a twin ammo cartridge pack, secured by white steel buttons.  Belt is approximately 105cm with white metal buckle.  Both the belt and the holster are marked on the interiors with handwritten letters and numbers.  Very good condition.




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Soviet M35 Junior Officers Commissar Gymnastyorka

A 19351 model pullover style Gymnastyorka tunic for a Lieutenant II who was a Commissar in Rifles.  Burgundy piped collar and cuffs, with two buttoned patch pockets and a three-button neck opening with black painted buttons.  There is a hole in the upper left breast area for either the Red Star order or Patriotic War badge.  Above the piped cuffs on each sleeve is a Commissar star with gold bullion hand-embroidered hammer & sicle, with a bright pink outer edge embroidery defining the star outline.  These sleeve patches discontinued to be used after the “commissar order” in the Summer of 1941.  This is in excellent condition and very rare.




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Soviet M41 Officers Gymnastyorka

A 1941 model pullover style Gymnastyorka tunic for a Lieutenant II in the Soviet army.  This tunic features the subdued color collar tabs and insignia devices, which is a very rarely encountered item.  This style of  subdued collar tab insignia were introduced in 1941 to replace the older style pattern of tabs, but in reality the older style insignia continued to be worn until 1943 when all collar tab rank insignia was replaced by shoulderboards.  The device next to the rank squares indicates the officer is in the  Pioneer or Engineers branch of service. The tunic is made from a lightweight material and has a three button front with a hooked collar closure.  There are two breast pockets with scalloped pocket flaps and both cuffs have button closures.  All buttons are intact and original.  Excellent condition.




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Soviet Air Force Officers Gymnastyorka

A 1943 model pullover style Gymnastyorka tunic for a Senior Lieutenant in the Soviet Air Force.  The tunic has a three button front along with a two button neck closure. This tunic features the later ranks designation as now portrayed by shoulderboards instead of collar tabs.  The two large shoulderboards consist of a green wool base board which is piped around the edges in blue with a red stripe down the middle of the board (which differentiates Air Force units from the blue piped Technical troops).  The three stars denote the rank of Senior Lieutenant and the propeller/wing device is indicative of the air branch of service.  There is a three place ribbon bar attached to the left breast displaying the ribbons for the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Polar Regions and the Victory Over Germany.  Excellent condition.





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Soviet M41 Tank Troops Officers Gymnastyorka

A 1935 model, patch pocketed olive gray colored pullover style Gymnastyorka tunic for a sargeant serving in the tank corps.  This particular color of tunic was unique to the tankers and was worn as active service duty uniform while on board the tanks.  The insignia consists of two rectangular collar patches formed from a black wool cloth base, piped around three edges in red for the armor branch of service.  There are two red enamel diamond rank devices and a metal tank device on each tab.  Typical three button front pullover with a hook closure at the neck.  Excellent condition.







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