Visit The Marshal’s Baton Shop and Showroom



While a collector at heart, I have also made The Marshal’s Baton  a full-time militaria business and am located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  There is a showroom open to visitors by appointment only, where much of the merchandise listed on the website, as well as many other unlisted pieces and constantly changing inventory can be reviewed by potential buyers.  The business is located in a century old downtown factory building converted to office space.  On display you’ll find a range of vintage, WWII militaria with a primary focus on German and U.S. aviation memorabilia and artifacts.  If you are in the area, or would like to arrange a visit while travelling on business or pleasure in the region, please contact me to arrange a convenient appointment for you to stop by.  The showroom is usually open Monday thru Friday and occasionally on a weekend.  Please contact me to schedule a visit.




The “Berghof” Window








Here are a few pictures of my old shop, “The Vault”, which was an actual vault with a working safe door in another old factory building in town.  Unfortunately the local faddish hipster progress prevailed and the building was sold and being converted into over-priced apartments and retail.