Do you have militaria you would like to sell?

I accept consignments and will buy individual items and collections.



Much of what you see in the “For Sale” section of this website are items consigned to me by collectors and individuals.  Whether you’re a fellow collector, or perhaps a non-collector with war souvenirs left over from a family member, I’d certainly welcome the opportunity to represent you by brokering your items via consignment on this website.  I’m interested in individual items, or an entire collection.  If quick cash is your preference, I also offer the option to buy your militaria.


While the “theme” of this site is obviously slanted towards reference on high ranking officers, it’s only a small portion of what is available for sale and I welcome most any items that are of high quality and in nice condition. The Marshal’s Baton attracts collectors of premium items and is a great venue for marketing any high quality items that you may have.  If you check around you’ll find that I’ve built a solid reputation with many collectors and dealers in the hobby, and am known for being fair in my dealings and excellent in communications.  I also have a sizeable list of specific items my customers are looking for…and you may have something I can sell quickly.




Sell, or Consign?


Converting your militaria to cash is something every collector is faced with at some stage, whether it’s turning over items to pay for an unexpected personal expense, moving a piece to fund a new item you want, or finally exiting the hobby. If you’ve ever been faced with selling some of your “stuff”, you know that it can be quite challenging and can take time to find the right buyer.  By working with a dealer, you have a better chance of finding the right buyer through his network….or by selling it directly him.  I offer both of these options.




How does Consignment work?

First, contact me by email about what you have so that we can initiate a discussion.  I am also often available to talk by phone and enjoy establishing a comfort level and relationship with potential consignors and collectors…something that isn’t always possible by email only.  If you have any decent photographs that can be emailed this will also help in my initial evaluation, as from there I can assist you in determining whether I have a market for your item.  If we agree on a consignment, I will need to get your militaria in my possession so that it can be examined in hand for originality and then photographed in detail so that it can be properly marketed.  My sales efforts consist of marketing the items directly to my client and prospect base, listing it for sale on this website and also exhibiting select items for sale at any militaria trade shows that I attend.  Consignors are responsible for shipping consignment items to me, for providing full insurance coverage of their merchandise while in my possession, and for return shipping of any unsold items. 


Commission Fees: As a fee for providing the venue to market your item to other collectors I have several different commission structures, and you can choose one that is most comfortable or appropriate to your needs.  Please feel free to contact me about the fees and we can determine what will work best for you.



How does Direct Purchase work?

I will also purchase items directly from collectors and individuals.  Please realize that I am purchasing these items for resale and I will make an offer based on what I am willing to pay, and it will not be the retail value.  Also be aware that anything presented to me for a direct purchase must be sent to me so that it can be examined in hand first for evaluation, before any payment is made.  If you are looking for a quick way to convert your militaria to cash, this is your best option.


Whatever your interest, I’d be glad to chat with you about any items you have for sale, and also anything you may be looking for.  Please contact me if you are interested.



About the business….



The Marshal’s Baton is a full-time militaria business located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a showroom open to visitors by appointment only.  Most of the merchandise listed on the website, as well as many other unlisted pieces and an ever changing inventory can be reviewed in-hand by potential buyers.  The business is located in a century old downtown factory building converted to office space.  While consignors are expected to insure their own items, you can also rest assured that your valuable pieces have the added protection of the buildings monitored security and fire system.  Michigan is home to many advanced collectors and military veterans, so in addition to web traffic your militaria will be on display to any visiting local collectors, as well as those who arrange to visit while on business in the region.  Select consignment pieces are also taken and exhibited at major national and regional militaria shows.



Below are a few pictures of the shop;


The “Berghof” Window





Here are a few pictures of my old shop, “The Vault”, which was an actual vault with a working safe door in another old factory building in town.  Unfortunately the local faddish hipster progress prevailed and the building was sold and being converted into over-priced apartments and retail.