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Adolf Hitler Personal Linen Service

Buff color linen tablecloth for use in Hitler’s personal service.  Standard formal pattern with a single eagle in one corner of the cloth.  Eagle is embroidered in white cotton thread with the initials “A” and “H” flanking both sides of the swastika.  Cloth is in excellent condition with no damage or soiling.




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SS LAH Trumpet Banner

Very rare trumpet banner for the 1st battalion of the LAH (Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler).  Black cotton backing edged in silver coil fringe with two clips at the top for attachment to the trumpet.  Two-sided flag shows the national emblem (eagle) on one side and the other side has SS runes flanked by the battalion number (I.) and the regiment (1.), all of which are embroidered brocade.  There is quite a bit of mothing to the black backing material on both sides, though thankfully it displays nicely and is only visible up close.  Price reflects damage.




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Adolf Hitler Personal Service Crystal Bowl

Massive high quality formal crystal bowl for Hitler's residence at Berchtesgarten.Bowl stands approx  51/2 " high and is 8 1/2 " in diameter.The upper rim of the 

bowl is decorated in thick gold as is the base of the piece.  Hitler's monogram "AH" is etched into the crystal as is the national eagle.The eagle and initials are done over in gold. Very rare for large crystal pieces to have survived the war.Near mint condition




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Adolf Hitler Personal Service Water Pitcher

Informal pattern Adolf Hitler water pitcher removed from his residence.  The pitcher is large,standing aprrox. 71/2 " tall.  It is 5" in diameter at the base.  Hitler's initials 

and the national eagle are etched into the glass

and the etching is decorated in gold leaf. Some scratches in the pitcher, not effecting the initials or eagles. No 

chips or cracks in the pitcher or handle.




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Pewter Stein to RK Recipient Ernst Gadermann

Unique, custom-made pewter stein engraved to Knights Cross recipient Ernst Gadermann, who was Hans-Ulrich Rudel’s rear gunner.  The stein has attached representations of all of Gadermann’s major awards, including the Knights Cross, Observers Badge, Spanish Cross and Wound Badge.  The various engraving reads as follows; The lid- ‘Dr. Med. Ernst Gadermann’.  Above the Observers Badge – ‘Stabsarz’.  Around the base – ‘111/Stuka Geschwader 2 “Immelman” ‘.  There is a makers mark inside the lid and accompanying documentation from the workshop that made the mug, along with a letter from one of the previous owners.  A very interesting piece named to the man who saved Rudel’s life; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Gadermann





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SS Trumpet and Banner for “Deutschland”

This trumpet would’ve been used by the trumpeter in the band platoon of the SS Regiment “Deutschland”.  Trumpet is maker marked to Hans Kreul of Tubingen and also marked “1-SS-D”.  Trumpet is in very good condition with the expected age toning to the brass and one small dent.  The banner is in excellent condition with no visible flaws outside of the normal ageing to the bullion fringe.  Very unique and one of a kind piece of militaria




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Gift Box to Gruppenfuhrer Albert Fett

This decorative gift box was presented to SS Gruppenfuhrer Albert Fett by the members of the land district (Oberabschnitt) of Fulde-Werra and contains an artistic commemorative portfolio showcasing landmarks & monuments of 3 leadership districts and 74 Kreis (county) districts, with listings of 4487 service incumbents.  Also included is a letter signed by Albert Fett.





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Knights Cross Cassette

If you have an original Knights Cross Award document, here is an opportunity to purchase a cassette to house your award.  The cassette is in overall very good condition with the typical wear to the corners and edges.  The spine is nice and solid with some cracking at the bottom.  A few minor depressions in the leather covering on front and back.  The embossed eagle is in excellent condition with all gold foil intact.  Makers mark is on bottom inside right panel.




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Adolf Hitler Bust

Original AH bust created by the well known period sculptor Th. Linz, and produced by the foundry of Guss Priessmann Bauer & Co.  This is a very large piece, measuring 22  in total height, including the base, x 11 1/2”  in width x 14” high, with a weight of 55 lbs. 




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Hermann Goring Silver Wedding Goblet

An original silver Goblet attributed to Hermann Goring.  This goblet is believed to have been a part of the wedding service silver when Goring married Emmy Sonneman in 1935, as both the coat of arms of Goring and Sonneman are affixed to the base of the goblet. This silver was produced by Professor Zeitner (house jeweler to Goring and Hitler) and was purchased directly from his daughter along with several other Goring items which have now been disseminated amongst collectors. The goblet had been returned by Goring to Zeitner for repairs and was in his possession at the close of the war.  The Goblet is 7” tall, produced from hand hammered silver and hallmarked with Zeitner’s mark at the bottom of the base.  In addition to the Goring and Sonneman crests, the goblet is also decorated with some very intricate cut-out gold leaf around the stem, which is very similar to other Zeitner Goring creations.



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