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SS Generals Uniforms and Personality Groupings




The Waffen SS/Police/Allgemeine SS



Waffen SS Obergruppenfuhrer und General Karl Maria Demelhuber

Tunic, leather coat and fur cap. (private collection)




SS Gruppenfuhrer Werner Lorenz Formal Dress Jacket

Formal evening dress jacket belonging to Werner Lorenz. (private collection)

This piece is available for sale in the Generalís Militaria For Sale section.





Waffen SS Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant Fritz von Scholz

Battle worn and much repaired field tunic of front line General von Scholz. (Holzauge Historical collection)




Waffen SS Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant Max Simon

This tunic was given to Simonís defense attorney as partial payment for his defense against war crimes. (private collection)






Waffen SS Obergruppenfuhrer Georg Keppler tunic

Keppler was the first Commanding General of Der Fuhrer regiment when he was awarded his Knights Cross and over the remaining course of the war held more senior commands in the Waffen SS than any other General.







Waffen SS Brigadefuhrer und Generalmajor un-named tunic

(Willi Schumacher collection)




Waffen SS Gruppenfuhrer tunic, un-named

(Willi Schumacher collection)




Waffen SS OberGruppenfuhrer piped tunic, un-named

(Willi Schumacher collection)




Waffen SS OberGruppenfuhrer Greatcoat, un-named

(Willi Schumacher collection)





Oberst-gruppenfuhrer und Generaloberst der Waffen SS Sepp Dietrichís Leather Overcoat

(private collection)




Police Generalmajor un-named tunic

(private collection)





Waffen SS Generalís visor cap

(Willi Schumacher collection)





SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff tunic

(private collection)





SS Obergruppenfuhrer Werner Lorenz tunic

(private collection)





SS Formal Dress tunic of Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop

(private collection)




Allgemeine SS Gruppenfurher uniform and visor

(private collection)




SS Mess Dress Tunic for a Standartenfuhrer, un-named

Though not of General officer rank (Colonel equivalent), this is an extremely rare and stunning tunic, well worthy of inclusion and study. (private collection)



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