High Ranking and Personality Headgear




There has never been anything quite so visually striking as the German Officer’s peaked visor cap of the World War II era.  It is as symbolic of a German Officer as the look of the shiny riding boots and the sound of heels clicking together at attention.  German cap manufacturers were an art unto themselve’s and created some of the finest military caps ever produced.  It is an art now lost to the sands of time as the trade has faded into the past and the hands that produced these pieces pass on.


This section will highlight some of the nicest pieces of high ranking headgear that have survived the war, many of which are attributed to some of the more notable personalities in the Third Reich, or are one of a kind items.  As with the other reference sections on this site, it will be ever-evolving and regularly updated with new additions, supporting text and period photographs where appropriate.




Heer General Officer Headgear


SS General Officer Headgear


Luftwaffe General Officer Headgear


Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring’s Headgear


Diplomatic, Political and Civil High Ranks Headgear




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