New Unlisted Items



This page is for new items that have come in and are not yet listed in detail in their respective categories. I do all of my own website work, so in lieu of letting things sit while I find the time to build the webpages, I’ve decided to create this category of unlisted items to just present a quick picture of what is here.  If you see something of interest, please contact me and I can provide you detailed photos and pricing, otherwise they should be fully listed within a week or two of appearing on this page.




August 23, 2023;


All items are currently listed. 

There is additional new material and that will be updated soon.


As usual, if you would like more information or detailed pictures of these or any other new pieces prior to my producing the individual listings on the site, please contact me and I will attempt to get you some info.  I will warn you that in some cases prices are not always immediately established by my consignors, but I do have the pieces in-hand and can provide accurate descriptions and photos. Thanks, in advance, for your patience on the updates.