Generals, Admirals & Field Marshals Uniforms and Personality Groupings



The Army General’s (Heer)





German Army General Dr. Hans-Joachim Barnewitz

General Barnewitz was the Korp’s medical chief of the Afrika Korps on Generalfeldmarschall Rommel’s Korps Staff.



German Army Generalleutnant Wilhelm Keitel

The uniform of Wilhelm Keitel from his days as a Generalleutnant.  Keitel of course later became a Generalfeldmarschall (private collection)


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German Army General der Infanterie Kuno-Hans von Both

General der Inf. Von Both was one of the most highly decorated Generals in a career spanning two World Wars.  He was awarded the Pour le Merite (Blue Max) in World War One and the Knights Cross and German Cross in Gold during World War Two. (private collection)


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German Army Generalmajor Hans Bessel

Service tunic of Generalmajor Bessel, who directed the engineering of the Gustav line fortifications under the direction of Generalfeldmarschall Kesserling. (private collection)





Generalleutnant Erich Schopper uniform

(private collection)






Generalleutnant Erwin Mack’s uniform and visor

Mack was the commander of the 23rd Panzer Division and was killed by a Soviet mortar barrage on Aug 26 1942 near Nowo Poltawskoje in the Caucasus region of southern Russia.  Three of the officers of his staff were killed right next to him.  At the time Mack was forward with the 128th Motorized Infantry Regiment.  They were right next to the General’s halftrack, but were unable to reach cover in time.  (private collection)





Generalmajor tunic, named to Hermann Bacher

(Thomas Suter collection)



Generalmajor overcoat, un-named

Nicely tailored overcoat for a General officer.  Notice the large, oversized General’s shoulderboards designed for use on the overcoat. (Thomas Suter collection)




General Fricke and von Dawan

Two of these General officer uniforms are named to General’s Ludwick Fricke and General von Dawans, the other is unattributed.

(private collection)




Army Generalleutnant tunic

(private collection)




Army Generalmajor Waffenrock Parade Dress Tunic

(private collection)




Administrative Generalintendant tunic

(private collection)




General der Infanterie Schubert grouping

Personal soldbuch and knights cross award recommendation document for General Schubert. (John M. Donovan collection)






Army Generalmajor Beelitz tunic

(John Donovan collection)





Army Generalleutnant Heinz Greiner’s uniform

Greiner was the commander of the German forces at Anzio during the Allied beach landing and was also one of the German Army commanders at Monte Cassino. (private collection)




Army Generalleutnant Hans Greiner’s Greatcoat

(private collection)




Army Generaloberst Falkenhorst’s tunic

(Howard Kelley collection)






Army Administrative General’s tunic

(Howard Kelley collection)





Army General’s Uniforms

These five examples of Heer Generals tunics are all courtesy of the Ron Richter collection.









Army Generalmajor Fangohr’s Uniform and Greatcoat

(private collection)





Army Generalmajor Hans Von Salmuth’s Waffenrock

(private collection)



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