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Generalfeldmarschall Insignia, Uniforms, Groupings

Heer GFM Insignia

Luftwaffe GFM Insignia

GFM Uniforms

Heer GFM Bios & Photos

  GFM von Rundstedt expanded character bio  

Luftwaffe GFM Bios & Photos

Kriegsmarine Grand Admiral Bios & Photos




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General Officer Insignia, Uniforms, Groupings

The Heer:

General Officer Rank Overview

General Shoulderboards examples

General Collar Tabs examples

Generals Uniforms

Breast Eagles


The Luftwaffe:

General Officer Rank Overview

General Shoulderboards, Collar Tabs examples

Generals Uniforms

Breast Eagles


The Waffen SS:

General Rank Insignia Overview Pre-1942

General Rank Insignia Overview 1942 Pattern

Generals Shoulderboards, Collar Tabs examples

Police Generals Rank Insignia Overview

SS Chevrons, Awards


The Kriegsmarine:

Admiral Rank Insignia Overview

Admirals Uniforms

Breast Eagles




Rare High Ranks

Reichsmarschall, Reichsfuhrer SS, etc.




High Ranks of Britian, the U.S. and other nations

U.S. Generals

British Generals

Soviet Generals

Japanese Generals




Militaria For Sale

Generals Militaria For Sale



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