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While the main purpose of this site was founded on education, over time I’ve had an ever-expanding list of items available for sale, some of which fall in line with the ‘theme’ of this site in that they are higher ranks related.  However, there are many other quality items of original militaria available so please check the other sections as you will find many items of interest. 




Militaria For Sale Contents:


Original Militaria

As this website has expanded and become more popular, I have established a network with many long time, advanced and niche collectors.  As a result, many high quality items come to me on consignment, most of which get listed here for sale.  If you are looking for something specific, there is a chance that I may eventually locate it for you through the collector market and help with a purchase.  I try to keep prices as reasonable as possible, given the current market, but the items are consignment and prices are largely set by collectors, so they will vary.  I do this for a hobby and the love of ‘the hunt’, so I attempt to keep prices collector friendly when possible. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for something specific.  Consigned items are always welcome, as long as they are original and of high quality and condition. (see my Consignment page for details) 



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New Unlisted Items



German Militaria:

General Officer & High Ranks Items


Uniforms – Officer & Enlisted Ranks



-Visor Caps & Kepis

-Field Caps and Sidecaps



Insignia (Officer/Enlisted Ranks)

Heer Insignia

Luftwaffe Insignia

Kriegsmarine Insignia

SS/Police/Political/Civil Insignia


Premium Militaria


Flags & Banners


Edged Weapons (Daggers/Swords)


Edged Weapons Accessories


Medals & Awards


Foreign Medals


Belts, Buckles and Aigullettes


Uniform Accessories & Field Gear


Aircraft & Vehicle Parts




Documents, Photo Albums and Photographs



U.S. Militaria:

Uniforms and Accessories



Soviet Militaria:

Uniforms and Accessories



Collector Tools and Reference:

Reference Books





A note about Premium page items in which the prices are not listed:

Many of the very rare and personality items do not have a listed price.  I do this for a couple of reasons.  First, many of these pieces are very rare and seldom encountered….some practically ‘one of a kind’.  As a result, they don’t exactly have a market price…it is whatever the owner of the piece wants to ask for it.  Over the years for example, I have had the same item from different consignors vary in price by thousands.  Had I posted the prices, the highest price would then become ‘market’ thus escalating the value of all other pieces into that range.  It would eliminate the possibility of similar pieces becoming available at a lower price to other collectors.  We’ve all seen it happen at a show or during a conversation where a listed price on a dealer site is discussed and now becomes the benchmark for all similar pieces.  I happen to still love the hobby and am not necessarily thrilled with seeing the prices driven ever higher.  I still like to find a good deal myself, and publishing premium prices that may have been achieved on select pieces does not contribute to keeping prices reasonable as a whole.  That, I think we can all agree on.  Secondly, with some of the very rare items both the seller and buyer would prefer the price and their identities remain anonymous.  We may not all be able to afford some of these pieces, but we have to respect the wishes of those who can.


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